When we created the documentary Democracy’s Ghosts for the ACLU, we weren’t just making a film.  We were helping the ACLU create an integrated multimedia advocacy campaign.

To complement the documentary, we came up with a range of ancillary products for the DVD.  While the documentary is just over half an hour long, the DVD is loaded with over 90 minutes of material that can be used in a variety of ways to help advocacy efforts, including a 10-minute overview, 5 6-minute issue-specific segments, five “expert perspective” segments, a 6-minute graphic video good for younger audiences, and a trailer. 

To maximize outreach for Democracy’s Ghosts, we also worked with the ACLU to create a website for the documentary.  The site provides a place for people to learn more about the issue, gives an overview on the situation in each state and tells who to contact about taking action. It provides information for ex-felons on how to get their votes back.  Slideshows on each page, drawn from the film create personal connections  and make the issue resonate with visitors. 


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