AfroReggae: A new rhythm in the favela, 14:45  Available for US and international broadcast.

"I remember the first percussion class with 80 kids in Vigário Geral. They played until their hands bled. The more they played the more kids came. It was something uncontrollable." 

When Junior talks about attracting kids to AfroReggae, the project he created to keep kids out of drug trafficking in the Vigário Geral favela of Rio, his passion is palpable. AfroReggae gets youth into its various programs, including music, dance, theater, circus, and computers by offering them something they want.  And it keeps them involved by teaching them to excel.  For youth from Rio’s very poor favelas, AfroReggae is nothing short of a revelation.  The bands rock, particularly the lead band, AfroReggae, who are sprinkled all over the soundtrack. 

The subject matter is obviously compelling. There is now a feature length documentary on AfroReggae, Favela Rising.  We'd love to have been able to spend the time in Brazil to make a longer film. But our short film packs a positive punch in a world that needs some good news. It has appeal to a much-neglected television audience, young people.  And UNICEF is using their version of the video to get youth to participate in decisions about their future, not just in Brazil but around the world. We feel good about that, too.

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