Akil's Trip, work in progress, half-hour documentary. Available for US and international broadcast.

Troç is a youth run television news show in Albania, extraordinary for giving teenagers true control of the program.  While documenting the show for the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting, we happened across Akil Kraja.  At 16, Akil was already a force among the young reporters in Troç.  When we were asked to accompany him and three fellow Troç reporters on a trip through Macedonia and Kosovo in support of Akil’s project “Let’s Make Peace a Fashion,” we jumped at the opportunity.

Akil is the rare teen who really wants to change things for youth. On the trip, Akil immediately found himself in a difficult situation. Trying to collaborate with young people in countries only recently out of war and still suffering from bursts of violence was not going to be simple, even if the goal at hand seemed beyond question.

We have stayed in touch with Akil over five years and plan to spin this project into a broadcast documentary. Akil, now 19, will be coming to intern with Off Ramp for six months in 2006. We hope to do some more shooting with him then, finish our documentary, and reap the benefits of his activist energy around the office.

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