All the Salt in China, 12:52. Available for US and some international broadcast.

Ray Yip could be a doctor in California, making a pile of money with Wednesdays off for golfing. Instead, he saw a need for his expertise in the realm of public health. And he saw that the need wasn’t in devising high tech solutions in a laboratory, but in making proven solutions work on the ground. For this documentary co-produced by UNICEF, we looked into the campaign he orchestrated to help make sure iodized salt is in the daily diet of a billion Chinese.

We traveled with Ray to a classroom in Gansu province where a group of children, seemingly normal, show strong evidence they have grown up a good part of their lives living with iodine deficiency. As Ray shows us, every child born in an iodine-deficient area suffers a substantial intelligence, or IQ loss. Traveling to a salt mine and factory we learned about the progress being made, as well as the problems China still faces, in its attempts to prevent iodine deficiency in the population.

Ray is now working to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDs in China. His methods, gleaned from working on the ground there, are not always orthodox but they work. Wed love to catch up with him again and continue his story.

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