City of Strangers, 1998, 16mm, 78 minutes

City of Strangers reveals a flower from the shadow, a gesture incomplete, a dream exposed to its noonday nemesis. Seeking a home in the heart of a new city, an immigrant explores desire through a series of fleeting friendships, brief sexual encounters, and a growing awareness of the poetry of his native language.

What can be lost when an immigrant leaves his native place, and what can be won? Confronted by the precarious existence of an immigrant, the young man (Portuguese actor Carlos da Cruz) discovers both the frailty of humans and the fullness of life revealed through daily rituals and uncommon friendships.

The film features actors from downtown New York City theater scene, such as Mary Shultz, Keith McDermott, Konrad Aderer, and Anne-Sophie Roure, and introducing Mario di Torella and Evan Fleischman as the boy.

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