We have two cameras, a Panasonic DVX100 and a very nice Sony DSR-570 DVCam, which shoots natively in 16:9 as well as 4:3. To go with these we have an audio package including radio microphone and shotgun, a lighting kit, and monitor.

Post Production
We have a new Final Cut Pro edit system with a Blackmagic card enabling us to take in analog sources.  We have several G4 Macs running AfterEffects and other programs for graphics work.

Along with our partners at Hock Films, we share three Avid Media Composer edit systems with plenty of memory and all capable of uncompressed video. To supplement these, we also have an XpressPro edit system running on OSX. Along with these edit systems we have several beta and DV decks, as well as vhs decks with which we can do some light dubbing.  We also have some office space to rent to producers.

To learn more about renting our equipment or facilities, please contact us at (212) 337-3351 or e-mail us at

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