Ok, enough with reality already. Let’s get real with some fiction. It can be done you know. We’re not saying we’ve done it, we’re just saying…

Use Your Head 100 minutes, 35mm   3 pairs of people undergo a government sponsored drug research study to determine the effects of weed and alcohol in combination.  Meeting one night a week, their relationships ebb and flow.  Their thoughts and stories are illustrated as they mentally leave the confines of the study room.  Use Your Head is thus periodic, episodic, slightly tragic, and mostly comic.  

Ignatz and Lotte 93 minutes , 16mm  He’s sexually confused and politically active.  She’s sexually active and…well, she’s not confused.  When the political climate is cooked in a pressure cooker fashioned from late capitalist era voodoo-nomics, something may have to give, maybe a marriage. 

City of Strangers 78 minutes , 16mm  In the City of Strangers, you may not know who you’re having sex with unless you agree to meet on another level.  And that depends on whether you’re willing to risk blowing a good thing.  So, are you?

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