For Sale recently played at the Albanian Human Rights Film Festival, together with major films such as Tim Robbins' Dead Men Walking and Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing.

For Sale: The Trafficking of Albania's Children, 24:00. Available for US and international broadcast.

Our journey took us from Albania across the mountains to the towns and cities of northern Greece, where Albanian children scrape a living from the streets. We traveled with Namik and Robert from NPF, an Albanian organization dedicated to fighting child trafficking. With their help, we realized the problem is more complicated than news reports would have us believe.

For Sale investigates the complex, disturbing phenomenon of child trafficking in Albania.  Interviews with trafficked children like "Anila" lay out the problem from the child’s perspective. Children from impoverished Albanian families are sent abroad by their parents, who see few other ways of earning an income. "Anila" is only fifteen, but she has traveled back and forth between Greece and her hometown in Albania more times than she can remember.


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