Ignatz & Lotte, 1994, 16mm, 93 minutes

Ignatz & Lotte follows the transformation of a small family during the year bracketing the first Gulf War.  In the day Ignatz works for a television news affiliate, while at night he volunteers with his friend Kenji at the local alternative cable news program. Omnipresent political and economic pressures leave him little time to spend with his hard-working wife Lotte and their pre-school son Ewan. 

When Kenji moves from friend to boyfriend, it proves to be the last straw. Lotte realizes her family is disintegrating for a host of reasons from the macro to the micro. The painful sight of his son waving goodbye to him from a taxi window sharpens the painful nature of the times for Ignatz. Do politics and the economy impact families? Rarely has it been made so plain.

Writer and director Encke King was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award after festival screenings of Ignatz & Lotte, his first feature. Village Voice critic Amy Taubin described it as “the best unreleased film of the year.”

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