Imagine a techno soundtrack.  A woman’s voice flatly says “flower bomb.”  That should complete the high fashion experience. Not Off Ramp's thing, you would have thought. But occasionally, a project pops up that allows us to flex less used muscles and have some fun.

We'd made a video for Saks Fifth Avenue before, of the snowflake holiday light show outside their New York store. Then, they came back to ask us to do a video for the store's windows and for an in-store display, to support the launch of a new line of fragrance. If you knew Loch and his sense of fashion, you’d laugh at the thought of him sitting down talking about bringing Viktor and Rolf’s new perfume, Flower Bomb, to life in a video loop. Yet it worked out to everyone’s satisfaction, thanks to some outside help.  Creativity, energy and a solid stable of gifted freelancers makes it so you can do anything, literally. 

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