In longer documentaries, the complexity of the world can be explored in greater depth, real solutions promoted, characters revealed, and concepts spelled out. We donít think there is enough of this kind of work being broadcast outside of public television and are working to be part of filling that gap.

American Ghosts: Speaking out for the five million voiceless. This work-in-progress follows three ex-felons as they seek to regain their right to vote and work for the rights of all former felons. Shot over two years culminating with the elections in November 2006, the 90-minute documentary is in post-production and will be finished in Fall 2007.

Thomas Paine. Off Ramp has been given a grant by the National Endowment for the Humanities to research a historical documentary on Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense and arguably the most forgotten of the founding fathers.

The Voyagers. By expanding a moment in time, is it possible to deconstruct the activities that give our lives meaning? The Voyagers follows three artists who attempt to find out. Is working on scaffolding any less epic than scaling Mount Everest? The answer lies somewhere - or everywhere - between Marvel Comics and Sartre.

Akilís Trip. We traveled through the Balkans with young TV reporters from Albania whose mission was to promote peace by collaborating with other youth journalists. A learning experience for all involved, including us.

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