Once upon a time, when a client asked us to produce a video or a brochure, a video or brochure was what they got. But technology has changed a lot since then, and we’re about making that work for our partners.

When we plan a project, we make sure to consider all the ways that we can gather material for later use. For instance, when we’re shooting a video, it’s easy to take photos and get sound for print, web, CD and DVD. And we make sure the graphic elements we design for a brochure, CD or video product will work well across a range of media.

Then, we think about all the ways we can use technology to reach as wide an audience as possible. Using DVDs instead of videotape can allow our clients to use their laptop computers as advocacy tools and customize presentations for specific audiences. Using video and audio on the web can add a personal perspective, showing the impact of projects on people’s lives. Using digital media like CDs and DVDs allows us to include supporting materials such as documents or graphics files for use in presentations. It all helps us to give our clients more bang for the ever elusive buck.

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