Yes, we are taking a liberty in referring to our clients as partners, but thatís how it feels over here. Itís easy to get excited about what your partners are doing when you have a client list like ours. Sometimes, weíve been excited enough by a subject to take it upon ourselves to expand the original scope of the project.

For example, we are currently in production on American Ghosts, a 90-minute documentary on the subject of felon disfranchisement. When the ACLU initially approached us about making an advocacy video on the subject, we were excited to be working with them. We felt the issue needed a wider audience and began shooting knowing we wanted to produce a broadcast documentary at the same time. Our advocacy video, Democracyís Ghosts, is currently screening all over the country while we continue following stories in three states, Rhode Island, Florida, and Alabama. Shooting for American Ghosts ended November 2006 with the yearís elections, and will be completed in Fall of 2007.

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