Loch Phillipps
Loch has a master's degree in filmmaking from Cal Arts and has been working ever since to contribute videos that have value in the world. He has co-directed and co-written one feature film, Use Your Head, and directed several short films and documentaries. Loch likes spending time with solution-side people, wants to redefine what it means to be heroic, and hopes media can be used as a tool for good.

Joyce Greene
Joyce worked as a newspaper and broadcast journalist in Ireland for a decade, covering breaking news, politics and the Northern Ireland conflict. Before joining Off Ramp Films, Joyce worked as a consultant for UNICEF, developing global communications strategies on issues like immunization and nutrition. In doing so, she has worked with governments, broadcasters and the private sector. She works as executive producer at Off Ramp Films.

Encke King
Encke is a film and video producer, editor, and writer based in New York, is currently in post-production on his third independent feature, Persistence of Vision. His earlier features, Ignatz & Lotte and City of Strangers, were screened in Europe and the U.S. On the basis of Ignatz, his directorial debut, Encke was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award, sponsored by IFP Independent Features Project. He has also produced a number of documentary films, including Nicaraguan Journal: Against the Light. From 1990 through 2001, Encke worked for UNICEF, creating documentary projects, as well as managing post-production facilities. Encke holds degrees from California Institute of the Arts (MFA), Ohio University (BA), and City College of San Francisco (AA)

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