Interested in working with us? If you haven’t already, circulate through the pages of the Off Ramp Films web site to get a good idea of our past work. Much of our work is also showcased on our DVD reel and we’d be happy to send you one. Please email your request, including your name, name of your company or institution, mailing address, and a description of how we might help you.

The DVD opens up with our promo video (identical to our ORF home page) playing inside a menu from which you can choose to watch public service announcements, excerpts from short docs or fictional narratives, or highlights of event videos. Under the More section, you can also watch 3 short docs in their entirety. Copies of other work on the site are also available as samples of our work. Just let us know what you want and we’ll try to accommodate you. We like to work.

Interested in purchasing some of our work? We have for sale some of the features and docs we’ve made.

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