Democracy’s Ghosts, our documentary for the ACLU, is now being screened nationwide. Learn more.

We like to make documentaries and films that point towards solutions. There are already plenty of media telling us about the world’s problems. We like to document projects or ideas that can be scaled up to improve the lives of the many as opposed to the few. For instance, a lot is being done to prevent problems from happening in the first place. It is here that many quiet, diligent heroes do their work--work that should be spotlighted. To that end, many of our clients are from the nonprofit world. We’d like to bring the solid work they and others are doing to a theater near you or to a television in your house.

We approach each project and work with each client with these criteria in mind:

  • Will the project be of value in the world?
  • Will the work be of high quality?
  • Will it make our company more visible and help us achieve things in the future?
  • Will it help us pay our bills?

If we connect on enough of these, it’s a gimme. If we’re slow, maybe one is enough.

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