Short documentaries (under 30 minutes) are a great format, though they generally receive little broadcast play. We’d love to see a lot more short docs and less 45-second news stories on the air. The form allows us to spend enough time with a subject to let the details sing. To help tell a solution-side story, we typically try to see it through the eyes of someone working for the cause/project at hand. People care most about people, after all.

Democracy’s Ghosts. An advocacy video we made for the ACLU, to aid their efforts to help 4.7 million former felons regain their voting rights. Our job: give the issue a face in order to engender support. Two questions: When do we stop punishing people and how much do we value our democracy?

AfroReggae. Loch thinks this is the best project he’s ever seen. And before he saw anything, he heard drums echoing through the Vigario Geral favela of Rio. Enough said.

Andres: Barred from the Ballot Box. Sometimes when you’re shooting you come across something that begs for its own video. The testimony Andres wrote to read before the RI State Legislature was just that thing. We went graphic as he worked through his message.

For Sale: The Trafficking of Albania's Children. Mainstream media loves the sensationalism of child trafficking, but they rarely talk about the root of the problem: poverty.

All the Salt in China. We followed Dr. Ray Yip around in China as he worked to make sure the population was receiving sufficient iodine, a simple intervention that can change a child’s life.

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