Spartacus Rex, 1988, 16mm bright color, 16:45, Loch Phillipps and Lee Skaife

Loch and Lee's good friend Eric Saks shot this film. You may know Eric through his excellent films Forevermore and Suddenly I Burst Into Another, and videos, Gun Talk, Don From Lakewood and many more. The three of us piled into a car with a bunch of different colored clothes and stopped at every wild location we saw. Loch wrote some narration and Lee put everything in order and gave it rhythm. Now Loch and Lee are married with a couple of kids who are encouraged to wear bright colors at all times.

Festivals: First Prize at the NY Expo for Short Films, Ann Arbor Film Festival. Spartacus Rex is distributed by Short Form Releasing and appears on their compilation tape Best of the Fests, 1990.

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