Kiwanis International and the US Fund for UNICEF asked Off Ramp to produce four short videos to emphasize their long-term partnership to eliminate iodine deficiency throughout the world.  The videos, shot in four different countries, were first screened at key points during the Kiwanis International Convention in St Louis, Missouri, in June 2004, and have since been made available for DVD distribution throughout the world. 

When we began to talk with the partners about making the videos, we proposed shooting stills as well, for use in both print and web. This foresight proved useful, because when they wanted a complementary brochure as a handout at the convention where the videos would premiere, we had high-end photos at the ready. Using the stills to produce easily downloadable web stories to support the content of the videos, and to add yet more stories, gave the project additional shelf life and a multimedia appeal, with all the various products working in tandem to deliver the message.

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